Christophe Pillon

A Swiss and French national, Christophe Pillon was born in 1967 in Plan-les-Ouates, a municipality located in the canton of Geneva, Switzerland, where he grew up and currently lives with his family.

Passionate about motor sport, which he has practised at a high level, and a man of action, Christophe Pillon likes to live life in the fast lane!

Blessed with a sharp entrepreneurial spirit and a curious nature, he is always on the lookout for new projects and original experiences. He is an epicurean who enjoys the finer things in life. Very attached to his origins and his family, he holds the values of the land dear whilst at the same time remaining open to today’s globalised and interconnected world. He believes in the virtues of innovation and in mankind’s ability to adapt to the environmental and socioeconomic challenges of the future. Professionally speaking, he is constantly growing in a range of different yet complementary spheres, as he works in parallel in viticulture and real estate, always with his trademark passion, determination and businesslike manner.

« Act as if it is impossible to fail.»

Sir Winston Churchill